bok choy

bokchoiinfo: Bok choy is a kind of cabbage used in Chinese and Southeast Asian cooking – equal parts celery and leafy green. A good source of vitamins A & C.

Store unwashed in a refrigerator crisper drawer for up to one week.

preparation: Wash in tepid water. Snap leaves off at base like celery. Trim leaves from stalks & chop/dice.

You can steam, saute, stir-fry or boil bok choi. Goes very well with most Southeast Asian & Chinese dishes.

The stalks will take longer to cook than the leaves.



from History of Bok Choy

An archaeological excavation of an ancient Chinese village found bok choy seeds that were more than 6,000 years old. The ancient Chinese often praised the vegetable through poetry and other writing. They considered it an extremely delicious, flavorful and nutritious vegetable. In modern China, the vegetable is believed to have many medicinal qualities, including battling fever, inflammation, infections and sore throat…  read more