cantaloupeinfo: Cantaloupe are a sweet melon with smooth orange flesh and webbed skin. A good source of vitamins A and vitamin C – also of potassium and dietary fiber.

Store uncut in a cool place for up to a week. If cut, wrap in plastic & refrigerate for up to three days.

preparation: Wash the melons before using (the skin can host bacteria). Cantaloupe are usually eaten raw. Cut lengthwise and remove the pulp & seeds. Chop to desired size & eat!

Cantaloupe always taste better if allowed to come to room temperature.



from History of Cantaloupe

Some food historians believe that cultivation of cantaloupes date back to the Biblical period in Egypt and Greece, while others believe it was first cultivated in Persia, Armenia and India. This fruit, which was depicted in Egyptian paintings dating back to the the Biblical period was identified as a melon, although there was no distinction in ancient times between the netted and non-netted variety of cantaloupes. In ancient times, the Romans got their supply of melons from Armenia. “Apicius”, a collection of ancient Roman recipes indicated the use of melons. The size of these cantaloupes were small as compared to the ones we see today. …  read more