greens mix

greens-in-the-fieldinfo: Our greens are mixed leaf lettuce, arugulatatsoi, baby bok choy, mustard, kale, and other greens that are good for salad.

Wrap loosely in slightly dampened paper towels & refrigerate. Will keep for 3-5 days.

preparation: Wash well in cold water & pat dry. Chop or tear to desired size/consistency.

For salad: mix with other fresh veggies & add your favorite dressing or seasoning. Also quite good in sandwiches!



from Sallets

Since earliest times people have harvested wild leafy plants, especially in spring when they were just popping out of the earth. It is thought that people gathered wild celery, chervils, cresses, and parsley, for example. When the agricultural revolution took hold (ca. 8000 BC) and people began to garden, salads were among their first cultivated plants. In pre-Roman times, the English enjoyed beet greens; and then the Roman occupation brought them lettuces, cucumbers, carrots, endive and sorrel. Medieval monks planted them among the herbs in their gardens, and the Renaissance gardeners developed new varieties and produced greater quantities still. The Dutch and later the Italians earned great reputations for their skill as creative growers, and introduced their new hybrids (including salads) to European tables. …read more