leekinfo: Leeks are a kind of onion.

Wrap in paper towels & refrigerate. Keeps for 5-7 days.

preparation: Trim roots and peel first layer of outer skin. Slice lengthwise down the center & wash with cold water, being sure to wash between sections.

Chop to desired size/consistency.

Eat raw in salads or as a condiment or garnish. To cook: in general, leeks can be used like onions. Saute, steam or stir-fry – it cooks quickly so use a light touch. Add to soups & stews.



from Leeks

The leek was developed from a wild type, which is native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean countries. Wild leeks were used as food during the early Bronze Age, around 4000 B.C., and were probably domesticated around 2000 B.C. They were part of the diet of those who built the Egyptian pyramids, and Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed the leek as a cure for nosebleeds. Leeks have been cultivated in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, and are particularly associated with Wales – dating back to 640 AD when Welsh soldiers wore pieces of leek in their helmets to distinguish themselves from their Saxon foes in battle. The Welsh traditionally wear a leek on St. David’s day (March 1) to commemorate King Cadawallader’s victory over the Saxons that year. Leeks were brought to North America with early settlers from Europe. …read more