rosemaryinfo: Rosemary is a green herb with thin, needle-like leaves. Aromatic & a bit astringent, it makes an excellent seasoning for a wide variety of dishes. A good source of Vitamin B6, iron and calcium.

Store wrapped in a loose paper towel in the refrigerator. You can also dry it by hanging it in a dark, warm, dry place – or freeze it.

preparation: Clip the individual leaves from the center stem. Add as a seasoning to soups, stews, breads, grilled veggies & meats, eggs, salads, dressings & sauces…



from History of Rosemary

In the 14th Century, rosemary root was “seethed in wine vinegar” and the lotion was then used to wash the feet of a thief. This was done in the belief that he will no longer have the power or strength to commit robbery, steal or do any further harm once his feet had been so washed. To quote our original source for this bit of folklore, “How the potential or suspected thief is to be persuaded to wash his feet, the manuscript does not divulge.” …read more