sageinfo: Sage is a seasonal herb with a sweet and slightly peppery flavor. A good source of vitamins A and C.

Wrap in loose paper towel & store in refrigerator for 4-5 days.

preparation: Wash well in cold water. Trim stems. Chop to desired size/consistency.

Add as a seasoning to soups, stews, breads, grilled veggies & meats, eggs, salads, dressings & sauces…



from Salvia officinalis: History

Salvia officinalis (garden sage) has been used since ancient times for warding off evil, snakebites, increasing women’s fertility, and more. The Romans likely introduced it to Europe from Egypt as a medicinal herb. Theophrastus wrote about two different sages, a wild undershrub he called sphakos, and a similar cultivated plant he called elelisphakos. Pliny the Elder said that the latter plant was called “Salvia” by the Romans, and used as a diuretic, a local anesthetic for the skin, a styptic, and for other uses. Charlemagne recommended the plant for cultivation in the early Middle Ages and during the Carolingian Empire it was cultivated in monastery gardens. …read more