snap beans

snap-beansinfo: Snap beans, also known as green beans, are the early fruits of any common bean plant. They have a fresh, sweet flavor & a crisp texture. A good source of vitamins A, C and K, as well as manganese, potassion and dietary fiber.

Wrap loosely in a paper towel & store in the refrigerator crisper drawer for up to one week.

preparation: Wash in cold water. Trim each end of the bean. Chop to desired size/consistency.

You can steam, saute, boil, stir-fry and bake snap beans.



from Green Beans: History

Green beans and other beans, such as kidney beans, navy beans and black beans are all known scientifically as Phaseolus vulgaris. They are all referred to as “common beans,” probably owing to the fact that they all derived from a common bean ancestor that originated in Peru. From there, they were spread throughout South and Central America by migrating Indian tribes. They were introduced into Europe around the 16h century by Spanish explorers returning from their voyages to the New World, and subsequently were spread through many other parts of the world by Spanish and Portuguese traders. …read more