news from the farm…

hi friends! i hope you’re finding ways to stay cool in this scorching weather. we’re really grateful for the rain we got last wednesday, which we were in true need of. we have been doing a lot of irrigation to protect our crops from the extreme heat and three-week drought, and the rain was a great boon.

we stopped seeding salad greens at the end of June, as they don’t like the heat of high summer, and will start to seed for fall salad greens again as it begins to cool. in this hottest part of the season we focus less on salad and braising greens and let the heat-loving crops take the spotlight. that said, we should continue to have head lettuce throughout the summer and kale for most of it, weather depending. our eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes and peppers of all kinds are doing wonderfully, thanks to consistent irrigation, and we will start to harvest them soon.

keep on keeping it cool, and enjoy this week’s harvest!

your farmer,

melon ripening on the vine ~ coming soon!
a bee on a melon blossom, playing its critical role of pollination in the successful fruiting of many plants (see the tiny melon!)

in the share this week:

  • in the share room:
    • head lettuce/salanova
    • braising greens (kale, chard)
    • mix & match: cabbage, hakurei, summer squash, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, fresh onions & the beginnings of peppers/hot peppers/eggplants!
  • pick your own:
    • herbs
    • flowers
    • green beans


recipes by mira

massaged kale salad

a dear friend of mine introduced me to loving kale salad. prior to her making it, i had found kale salad kind of tough, bland, and overall rather boring. she taught me that the key to delicious kale salad is to massage the lemon or vinegar into the torn leaves for several minutes, which tenderizes the leaves and infuses them with the flavor of the acidic dressing. this time of year, the kale is already so tender and sweet that it hardly needs anything added to it, but these salads are, nonetheless, still delicious.

*wash a bunch of kale under cold water. shake it free of water and pat it dry

*rip the leaves from the central stem, and reserve the stems for later use or compost them

*tear the leaves into medium size pieces in a large mixing bowl

*grate 2-3 clean fresh carrots and add them into the bowl

*when in season, or if you have them, dice a small apple into small pieces and add them too

*add a handful each of: raisins, chopped or slivered almonds and/or toasted sunflower seeds

*options: play with the toasted seeds and nuts you put in; include diced scallions or pickled fresh onion; add fresh herbs; use different dried and/or fresh fruits

*to dress: drizzle a generous pour of olive oil, the juice of one lemon, a nice splash of seasoned rice vinegar (fine to omit if you don’t have this around), a big pinch of sea salt, and some fresh ground pepper. with clean hands (i know, it goes without saying) get in there and massage that kale. give it some good love with your hands for several minutes, until the kale has become darker green and more visibly tender. taste it for flavor and tenderness, and adjust as needed.