news from the farm…

hello friends! the first week of our share was a great success (we hope you agree) and many more crops are looking beautiful in the fields. this time of year is always so exciting, with each new crop ripe and ready for harvest. a couple of our crops are growing a little more slowly due to the cool wet temperatures in early spring, but in the next couple weeks we will be harvesting our first summer squash, zucchini, beets and cabbages. we’re busy cultivating, transplanting, harvesting, and enjoying the sweetness of our days in the fields together.

a quick note: if you’re splitting a large share between two households, each party should take half of the allotted amount for the large share on your pick-up day. thanks!

have a wonderful week, and see you on the farm!

your farmer,

in the share this week:

  • in the share room:
    • head lettuce
    • salad greens (arugula, salanova, mustard greens, red russian, salad mix)
    • braising greens (kale, chard!, collard greens!)
    • kohlrabi!
    • green garlic
    • radishes
    • hakurei turnips
  • pick your own:
    • strawberries

tips for using this week’s veggies!

green garlic is young garlic before it matures into a bulb with separate cloves. it’s more mild, and quite a treat. you can use green garlic just as you would use clove garlic, except you can use the whole stalk, including the long green part– just chop it finely and enjoy!

**one of our favorite ways to prepare green garlic is to wash it well, remove the roots and the tougher outer layers from the small white bulb, and sauté the entire stalk whole over medium high heat in olive oil and course sea salt. you can add a small splash of water and cover it for a minute or two. let it cook until the stalk turns bright green, and the greens get some char on them.

recipes by mira

cilantro hakurei salad

i made a happy discovery the other night when, home from work and very hungry, i found our vegetable drawer full of hakurei turnips, and not much else. ray and i were craving something fresh and light, and had recently eaten a delicious radish cucumber salad that inspired this recipe.

*wash a bunch of hakurei turnips (6-10), remove the greens, and slice off both the tops and the rootlets

*using either a very sharp knife or a mandolin, slice the turnips into very thin circles, no thicker than a dime, and put them into a medium size bowl

*roughly chop a large handful of cilantro, stems and leaves, and add it to the bowl

*squeeze one lime and toss in the juice

*sprinkle 1/4-1/2 tsp of sea salt over the turnips and toss it all together
~this salad can take a lot of salt! start with 1/4 tsp and add more if the flavors aren’t snapping~

*let it sit for 10-15 minutes, the turnips will soften slightly as they marinate, and enjoy!