News from the Farm

Thank you all for your cooperation and patience during Week 1 of pandemic pick-ups! It is such a joy to have you all back on the farm and a relief to know that we can do this safely. The Hadley board of health was impressed by our safety measures and suggested we eliminate the gloving. All other covid hygiene protocols will continue. We are investing in infrastructure to protect folks from the sun and rain when there is a wait to get into the share barn, but for the time being, please consider bringing an umbrella and leaving it at the door.

Hoping to avoid a wait?
Our busiest times this past week were right when the share opened and for the first hour of each pick-up, including curbside on Saturdays. After that, the share was steady but fairly calm each day. If you’d like to avoid a wait, please come a little later.

It’s a beautiful time at the farm! There are baby fruits everywhere ~ baby summer squash, baby tomatoes, baby watermelon ~ young and green, nourished by the recent rain, and getting bigger by the day. New leaves have appeared on the 3 acres of sweet potatoes planted last week; our first cabbages have firmed up and are ready for harvest; and herbs are ready in the pick-your-own.

In the share this week

hakurei salad turnips – eat ’em like apples!
baby cabbage!
green garlic
summer squash and zucchini!
garlic scapes!
braising greens
salad greens
head lettuce

Pick Your Own

Herbs: cilantro, dill, basil


Pick-Your-Own update

During this pandemic-season, please bring your own scissors and PYO containers; no sampling; wash hands and wear masks; and keep your kiddos close!

*Unfortunately, we had a strawberry crop failure this year. We look forward to planting them again for next season! If you’ve already made plans for shortcakes and such, you may want to visit our friends at Simple Gifts Farm, Pie in the Sky Berry Farm, or Lakeside PYO strawberries. We hope to have strawberries available for resale in the farm store this week.

Ideas & Recipes

10 Things to Do with Garlic Scapes
Cilantro Black Rice with Roasted Garlic Scapes & Asparagus
Andalusian Cabbage Stew
Braised Hakurei and Radishes