welcome to our 10th season!!

we are so happy to welcome you to the start of our tenth season harvest at Next Barn Over Farm. despite the challenging growing conditions this spring, crops are actually looking pretty pretty good (if I do say so myself) and have taken off with the warmer drier weather of the last couple weeks. we are grateful to be at this point in the season – to the plants, the soil, our amazing crew, and to you, dear friends, for joining us in this collective effort to feed our community and loved ones heartily, and to foster meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with the land and each other. what gifts.

since this is our first newsletter of the season, it contains some important details and new information, so please keep reading. :)

the newsletter:
each week we will send you a newsletter with information about the week’s share, a tried and true recipe, photos, any relevant crop updates or news from the field, logistical tidbits, occasional stories of life on the farm, and invitations to farm events. you can expect to receive the newsletters on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings throughout the season.

for those of you who are new to the farm, the field right next to the barn is dedicated entirely to pick-your-own crops: herbs, flowers, sugar snap peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries in the lower meadow below. (this 2-acre field is just one of our 15 different fields around Hadley, which together make up a total of the 40 acres or so that we farm). each week we will list what is available for u-pick on the chalkboard in the share room, as well as in the farmstand at the end of the parking area (where you will also find scissors, containers, and bags for picking). like the rest of your share, the u-pick crops begin with limited amounts and gradually become generous. you can come enjoy the u-pick field any day of the week during daylight hours. in other words, you don’t have to stick to share hours or your share day for the pick-your-own crops!

there is ample parking for members in the lot on the south side of the u-pick field. we also offer a limited number of parking spots next to the share barn for our members who need closer access because of their particular physical abilities. if you do not need close access to the share barn, please park in the larger lot farther away from the share barn. please help us keep the few spaces right next to the barn free for those who truly need them (and those of you who do need them, please use them without hesitation!).

NBO share totes:
please bring along your NBO tote-bag when you come to pick up your share. if you don’t have one yet, or if you need a new one, please plan to purchase one in the share room for $6 at your first pick-up. we ask that you use only our NBO tote bag because, during most of the season, we let you take as much as you want of several “mix and match” crops, up to a certain total volume that is measured on our NBO tote bag. because different tote bags are different volumes, we can’t permit you to use anything other than our NBO bag to pick up your share once the mix and match period of our season begins in a couple of weeks. we do have loaner bags and a plastic substitute version that we can provide if you forget your bag one week. plus, you get a really cute tote for only $6! :)

checking in at the share room:
for the first couple weeks we will have a current member list in the share-room; please check in with a staff member or check your name off when you come in. throughout the season, please write your name on the blank sign-in sheet located to the left of the entryway when you come into the barn each week. thank you!

as always, if you have any questions, please be in touch. we look forward to seeing you at the share barn this week!

~love from Ray and your entire NBO farm family~

in the share this week:

  • in the share room:
    salad greens: arugula, red russian, mustard, leaf lettuce
    green garlic
    hakurei turnips
    bok choi
    head lettuce
  • pick your own:

recipes by mira

green garlic butter

this is a super simple, super delicious treat for all you butter-lovers (and who doesn’t love sweet, salty, rich butter??).  green garlic is very young garlic, picked early, before it has had a chance to bulb out.  it is tender and sweet, and can be used as you would regular garlic, like a scallion, or treated as a vegetable of its own. this recipe pairs the sharp tang of fresh green garlic with the gentle mellowness of sweet butter: a marriage that results in a delicacy that you will come to anticipate longingly every spring.

*bring a stick of sweet cream butter to room temperature

*wash and dry 2-3 stalks of green garlic, trim off the rootlets and stringy tops of the greens, leaving about 2/3 of the greens on the white bulb

*put the garlic and the butter into the food processor and blend until it becomes a fairly uniform, bright green paste.  if you have a mortar and pestle and prefer to do it by hand, roughly chop the garlic and tops and pound them into a paste in the mortar and pestle.  add the softened butter and mix.  this will result in a less smooth butter, but i love both the process of hand pounding as well as the more rustic result.

*add course sea salt to taste

*spread thickly on crusty fresh bread, your favorite cracker, crisp cold radishes, dollop it atop white fish bound for the broiler, or melt into pasta.  it will keep well in the fridge for a week.  you’re welcome.  :)

psa: you can do this with almost any herb or combination of herbs that you like ~ herb butters are about as simple as it gets and will enliven your table beautifully.