Welcome to our 11th season!

We bring you the first harvest of the season with love and with gratitude for this land and for our fellow crewmates, who give so much energy and attention toward growing this good food.

Please read through to the bottom for lots of important details about picking up your share.

Our crew this season!
There is a whole team of amazing folks working hard behind the scenes to bring food to your table each day! We are infinitely thankful to welcome back Edvin, Mary, Asher, Alfonso, Tory, Lily, Rudy, and Joel, who are the wise and steady foundation of the farm. Their consistent kindness, dedication to the farm, immense hard work, and incredible knowledge base is what keeps the farm running smoothly week-to-week, and year-to-year. We are also very excited to welcome some new folks to our staff this season: Raleigh, Shea, Lauren, and Mariana have joined our field and washroom crews; Colleen is helping in the greenhouse; my dear friend Deb is assisting with the weekly newsletter; Joey is our new fearless washroom manager; Rori is our awesome new share room manager; and Tory’s sister Leslie is going to help out in the share room for a few weeks as we adjust to the new set up. Please give them all a warm welcome! Rori is who you’ll be seeing each week when you come for your share, so please introduce yourself (from a distance ;)).

Pick-up Instructions:
Please read the following important updates and reminders. Like everything else, the CSA pick-up is going to be different this year!

First Share Days:

MONDAY, JUNE 8th, 2 PM-6:30 PM
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10th, 2 PM-6:30 PM

Parking Instructions:
As always, there is ample parking for members in the lot on the south (far) side of the u-pick field. We also currently have a limited number of parking spots close to the share barn which are reserved for curbside pickup (on Saturdays) and for our members who need closer access because of their particular physical abilities.

NBO COVID-19 Safety and Hygiene Protocols:
We ask that everyone please adhere to the following practices, created with guidance from local and state health authorities and the CDC, to keep everyone in our farm community safe during the ongoing pandemic:

  • PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: Please do not come to the share barn, enter the pick-your-own area, or even come for curbside pickup if you are sick. You are always welcome to have someone else pick up your produce in your stead.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING: We ask that you observe 6’ social distancing at all times while at the farm. To aid in this effort, we have expanded the footprint of the share room; created a uni-directional flow with arrows and 6’ spacing marked on the floor; and limited the number of members who will be allowed in the barn at one time. Please send only one person into barn whenever possible, and try to move through the distribution space quickly and mindfully. If you have children with you, please keep them close.
  • ONE WAY FOOT TRAFFIC ENTERING & EXITING THE BARN: You will now enter the barn through the big door at the end of the barn, nearest to the road. The old door on the side of the barn will now be used as an exit only.
  • MASKING: Please wear a face covering or shield at all times while on the farm unless you suffer from a respiratory condition and are unable to do so.
  • HAND WASHING: Hand washing stations have been set up in the following locations: 1) at the new entrance to the share room; 2) at the u-pick kiosk; and 3) at the porta-potty. We are requiring all members to wash hands before entering the barn or u-pick areas.
  • HAND SANITIZING: There will hand sanitizer available at each of these locations: 1) at the new entrance to the share room; 2) at the u-pick kiosk; 3) at the porta-potty; 4) at the check-out area; and 5) at the exit door of the barn.
  • NON-CONTACT: A share room attendant will greet you at the barn door; check your name off of our list; and see that you wash your hands and put on gloves. Please shop with your eyes and avoid handling anything other than your personal produce and your farm store products. There will be contactless check out for folks paying for farm store items with cash or check, and a share attendant on hand to help folks who need to pay with a credit card or EBT. If possible please bring cash or check to make checkout smoother! The checkout area has been reinforced with plexiglass. The playground and toys have been removed for the duration of the pandemic.
  • DISINFECTION: We are disinfecting all high-touch surfaces multiple times a day.
  • CURBSIDE PICKUP: If you’d like to avoid contact all together, you may opt to have your share pre-bagged and available for curbside pickup (on Saturdays only) for the duration of the season. Curbside shares are not customizable, but we will include a wide variety of what is available at that time. If you need to switch to curbside pickup, please email MJ at membership@nextbarnover.com. If you are a curbside member, please be sure to read our curbside pickup instructions before coming to the pickup.
  • EXPANDED FARM STORE OFFERINGS: To aid you in limiting your contact/exposure, we will be expanding our farm store offerings over the next few week to create more of a one-stop-shop opportunity this season.
  • NO CANVAS NBO TOTE BAGS: As per state orders, during the pandemic, there will be no reusable bags permitted in the store. We will be providing plastic bags of the same volume as the NBO tote bags, and we will return to reusable bags as soon as we are able.
  • PATIENCE: Please be patient, kind and mindful of others. We are all working hard to adapt. Thank you :)

We will continue to assess as the status of the pandemic progresses. Please stay tuned for regular COVID-19 safety updates and reminders in our newsletters.

Pick your own (PYO) update:
For everyone’s safety, please:

  • Wash your hands at the u-pick kiosk before entering the field;
  • Bring your own scissors and PYO containers, as we will be unable to provide reusables this season;
  • Maintain 6+ feet of distance at all times;
  • Wear a face covering;
  • Keep your children close to you.
  • Please be mindful of others space and time while using the PYO kiosk and other limited occupancy spaces on the farm.
  • If you have children with you, please keep them close while u-picking.

For those of you who are new to the farm, the field right next to the barn is dedicated entirely to pick-your-own crops: herbs, flowers, sugar snap peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and small sweet peppers. This 2-acre pick-your-own field is just one of our 15 different fields around Hadley, which together make up the 50 acres that we farm.

Each week we will list what is available for u-pick on the chalkboard in the share room, as well as in the u-pick kiosk at the end of the parking area. Like the rest of your CSA share, the u-pick crops begin with limited amounts and gradually become generous. You can come enjoy the u-pick field any day of the week during daylight hours. In other words, you don’t have to stick to share hours or your share day for the pick-your-own crops! Please note, there are no PYO crops available during the first week of the CSA; we will notify members when the PYO field opens.

NBO CSA shares are currently sold out:

To see if you are signed up for the season and check your pick up day, please look for your name HERE. If you do not see your name but you think you signed up, email us.

Please be advised that we are currently sold out of CSA shares for the 2020 season. If you’d like to add your name to our waitlist, please email membership@nextbarnover.com and we will be in touch about prorated shares if space open up over the next few weeks.

We can’t wait to see you all back at the farm!

Ray, Mira, Mary, Edvin, Asher, Tory, Alfonso, Lily, Rudy, Joel, Raleigh, Joey, Rori, Mariana, Lauren, Shea, Colleen, Leslie, and Deb

This week’s produce:

Mother Nature has the final say, but here are our predictions:

  • Bok Choi
  • Radishes
  • Kohlrabi
  • Green Garlic
  • Braising Greens: Kale, Chard, Collards, Tot Soi, Spigariello Raab
    Head Lettuce
  • Salad Greens: Arugula, Leaf Lettuce, Baby Kale, Mustard, Mix


Click HERE for tips on storing your CSA produce!

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