We’re ready to share the spring harvest with you!

We are opening for the season this coming Monday, May 30th.

As is usual for the first week, this share will be rather simple… we expect to mostly have a variety of cooking and salad greens, as well as strawberries in u-pick!

First pick-up days will be:

  • May 30th for Monday pickup members
  • June 1st for Wednesday pickup members
  • June 4th for Saturday pickup members

***In general we ask folks to stick to their chosen pick-up day throughout the season because we harvest according to those numbers. However, we know Monday is Memorial Day and some of you may be out of town. If that is the case, please feel free to come by either Wednesday or Saturday of next week.

The shareroom is open Monday and Wednesday 2-7pm and Saturday 9-2pm, throughout the season.

We will be sending out a more thorough email, with plenty of details, at the start of next week.

See you next week at the farm!

-Ray, Mary Joelle, Tory, Rosendo, Edvin, Alfonso, Jorge, Annie, Szal, and Sammi


P.S. Our strawberries have been loving this warm sunshine. As sometimes happens, they have begun to ripen a bit before opening day.We are inviting you to come to the farm this week and pick a half pint per membership.

We know that a half pint is a bit of a tease of an amount. We are in that beginning stage when there are only enough out there for everyone to take a few, but we don’t want them to go by. For some of you a half pint won’t be worth the trip to the farm, but please don’t fret! There will be more berries next week during our first share week!

As always, you are welcome to come do u-pick anytime you want, you do not need to stick to a particular day for this part. There are pint containers available in the little turquoise kiosk in the middle of the u-pick field. If possible please bring a bag to transfer the berries into so that you can leave the pint container behind, or bring it back the next time you come to the farm. We like to get as many uses out of the containers as possible. And please park in the parking lot on the far side of the u-pick field (as opposed to next to the barn). Thank you!!