news from the farm…

Hello Friends!

We hope this email finds you and yours healthy and enjoying this gorgeous weather. We are excited to share the harvest with you all this season!

News from the Farm:
Neither the pandemic nor the cold weather have made this an easy spring. That said, we are still cranking away over here on the farm! We’ve been steadily planting lettuce, beets, salad greens, cabbages, scallions, radishes, kale, chard, carrots, onions, and herbs since early March despite the low temperatures, so some of our crops are a bit behind and just taking off for the first time now. The warmer weather arrived last week, just in time for the first of our “hot crops” – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, watermelons, and cantaloupes – to go into the fields, joining the first of the squash and cucumbers, which have been tucked away under row cover to protect them from this year’s unseasonably late frosts.

CSA Start Date:
We plan to open our on-farm CSA on Monday, June 8th, with the typical assortment of early spring offerings: green garlic, mixed salad greens, hakurei turnips, bok choi, radishes, and hopefully a few other surprises.

We’ll send out another newsletter with information about the first CSA pickup including our new safety and hygiene protocols as the date nears.

CSA Pick-up Options:
Thanks to all of you that filled out our survey about pick-up options during the pandemic!

Based on the poll, about 75% of you are planning to pick up in the barn as we always have, but with the addition of new stringent safety and hygiene protocols; 24% of you plan to sign up for curbside pick up; and 1% of you expect to need home delivery due to quarantine.

Sign-up NOW for Curbside pickup or Home Delivery:
If you are in need of curbside pickup or home delivery, please sign up NOW by emailing and including either “curbside pick up” or “home delivery” in the subject line of your email.
Please specify the following in the body of your email:

  1. Primary share name;
  2. If you need home delivery, please include your address and any special delivery instructions.

Also, please note:

  1. If splitting a large share, specify the needs of both households;
  2. Please include only the information requested above in your email to If you have any questions, please email them to in a separate email;
  3. Home delivery is only available to people who are quarantined;
  4. We are unable to offer customized shares to folks who do curbside pick-up or home delivery. We plan to include a wide range of our offerings each week, with lots of the most popular crops and a smattering of the lesser-known vegetables. We will include herbs, but other pick-your-own crops will not be included.

We recognize that your needs may change over the course of the season and in a future newsletter we will let you know how to change your pick-up preferences mid-season if necessary.

If you plan to pick up inside the barn, no need to email us, we will assume that anyone who does not reach out to request curbside pickup or home delivery will be picking up inside our barn, as always.

Love and wellness to you and yours!
Ray, Edvin, Asher, and the entire amazing NBO team