news from the farm…

hello friends, alas, the final week of our CSA has arrived.  this is a bittersweet time for all of us; the end of one season and the start of the pause before the next begins.  it’s been a tough growing season, and we’re looking forward to the winter rest, and to starting fresh in 2019.  thank you for sharing the harvest with us all season long – through the cold spring, the early heat waves, the torrential downpours, and finally into this crisp beautiful fall.  our farm is so much more resilient with your support!

don’t forget to sign up this week for next seasons share.  $50 down by november 3rd locks you in to our discounted 2019 price.   either sign up online, or bring in your filled out sign-up sheet and a check this week when you come for your veggies.

also, for all of you that have been asking, we are happy to announce that we have a few bulk shares left, please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  fill out this sign-up sheet, and bring it, along with your check for the full amount to the barn when you come for your CSA share this week.

one of the hallmark days that heralds the end of the season is the planting of our garlic.  we’ve been saving seed of this hardneck variety – especially suited for the new england climate – for about 30 years, and this year we planted 130,000 cloves over 3 acres.  garlic is one of our most important crops.  we grow a lot of it so that we can generously supply you, our sharemembers, wholesale to local food businesses, save seed for ourselves to plant, as well as supply seed garlic to other local organic farms.  the planting happened earlier than usual this year, so we get to share some photos with you.  we gather all-hands-on-deck for a large crew to get this massive job done in one joyful day.  this year we had beautiful blue skies, a cold morning and a sunny afternoon to put the garlic in the ground.  these garlic cloves will spend the winter tucked into the soil beneath a thick layer of mulch and shoot up in early spring to become the bulbs we harvest for you next summer.

thank you for your support through another season!

with love,
your farmer,

3 acres that we planted with 130,000 cloves of garlic, and the crew hard at work planting them!

above: Asher planting garlic
below: Kat planting garlic!

in the share room:

  • salad greens
  • garlic
  • braising greens (kale, raab, collards, bok choi)
  • mix & match:
    • onions
    • carrots
    • broccoli
    • cauliflower
    • cabbage
    • sweet potatoes
    • kohlrabi
    • radishes
    • fennel
    • beets
    • leeks
    • parsnips
    • turnips
  • pick your own:
    • herbs
    • flowers

recipes by mira

sweet potato goat cheese enchiladas

when the weather starts to cool and i’m looking for excuses to turn the oven on and only want to eat food that makes me feel cozy, it’s time for enchiladas.  i love pretty much anything delicious when it’s wrapped in a corn tortilla, smothered in sauce and baked until bubbling hot.  this particular combination of autumnal orange and green vegetables with fresh tangy goat cheese is a household favorite.  depending on how much time you have and your proficiency with sauce making, you can make your own enchilada sauce or molé, or use one that you buy in a jar (several yummy kinds, both red ranchero style and green chile style, are usually available at grocery stores).  a dollop of crema or plain yogurt atop one of these babes piping hot, and you have a dinner that can’t be beat.

*peel and cut 3 medium size sweet potatoes into rough chunks, and steam or boil until just soft

*smash the cooked sweet potatoes into a chunky mash and season with salt, pepper, and a little butter

*wash a large bunch of dark leafy greens and chop finely.  if you use the stems, be sure the chop them extra fine and set them to the side to cook first.  (you can use your dark green of choice here – my favorites are tat soi, spinach, raab, and kale)

*peel, smash, and roughly chop 4 medium size cloves of garlic

*in a large skillet over medium-high heat, add a splash of olive oil, the garlic, and a few good pinches of salt.  sauté for 30 seconds, then add the finely chopped greens, stems first for a few minutes if using, then the leaves. stir well and sauté, covered, until tender (5-15 minutes depending on the green)

*preheat the oven to 375 degrees

*warm 15-18 corn tortillas stacked in a skillet, or individually with or without oil.  you want them soft enough to bend and fill, and not crunchy

*in the bottom of a 9″x14″ casserole dish, fill the tortillas one at a time with a generous smear of sweet potato smash, a big pinch of the sautéed greens, and a layer of crumbled chévre (fresh goat cheese), then roll them up and squish the seam up against the side of the dish or the neighboring tortilla

*repeat until you’ve filled the casserole dish and used up your ingredients

*pour your enchilada sauce over it all, making sure to spread the sauce evenly

*cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes, then uncover and bake for another 10 minutes or until bubbling hot

*while the enchiladas are baking, make a quick fresh slaw with shaved green, red or napa cabbage, grated carrots, chopped cilantro, slivered pickled red onion or chopped scallion, and a simple dressing of lime juice, seasoned rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar and course salt.  fresh and wonderful next to hot enchiladas!

**here’s to a winter season full of delicious food, nourishing creations, and joy in and out of the kitchen!  enjoy!**

**thank you for sharing the delight of recipes with me all season long – it has been such a pleasure.  with love, Mira**