news from the farm…

hello friends. what a season! this year has been so productive that we are still spending most of our days harvesting, even as we move toward the tasks that will get the farm ready for its long sleep. do you find the rhythm of your life influenced by the turning of the season?

we had our first near frost this last weekend, and anticipate a real frost will come in the not-too distant future. on the farm, it’s time to get the last of the frost-sensitive crops in, cover-crop the remaining open fields, and break our seed garlic up into cloves for planting. while at home, it’s time for baking apple crisp, squirreling food into jars and freezer bags, clearing out the wood stove, and settling in for the longer nights. hope you are enjoying these crisp fall days and the turning of the season.

your farmer,

in the share this week:

  • in the share room:
    • mix & match: beets, carrots, peppers, leeks, sweet potatoes, fennel, radishes, kohlrabi, onions, cabbage, broccoli, hakurei turnip, cauliflower
    • braising greens (kale, chard, collards, napa)
    • mixed salad greens
    • head lettuce
    • garlic
  • pick your own:
    • herbs
    • flowers
    • tomatoes/tomatillo/ground cherries

recipes by mira

roasted cauliflower

cauliflower is a humble vegetable. despite it’s old and sad reputation for soggy blandness, it is in fact a marvelous vegetable. cauliflower can do so many things. a single head seems to expand as you cut it so that it feeds many more than you imagined, it can absorb any flavor you throw at it, get crispy, become pizza crust, blend into soups, hold it’s shape and dip into sauces, the list goes on. i recently ate “impastor”, a vegetarian spin on the traditional pork and pineapple, al pastor, that featured cauliflower and was memorably tasty.

i hope for your sake that you already love this pale brassica, but if you haven’t yet discovered the delights of cauliflower, you must roast it. fast, as simple as can be, and always delicious, roasted cauliflower quickly became a personal and household favorite.

*preheat the oven to 400 degrees F

*wash a head of cauliflower, cut in half and remove the core, and cut it into florets about 2″ wide

*toss the cauliflower generously with olive oil, salt, a pinch of thyme and a sprinkle of aleppo pepper (or other mild chili flake) **optional – use curry powder instead of or in addition to the thyme and red pepper**

*spread evenly on a low-sided roasting pan or baking sheet, making sure that there in only one layer of cauliflower. over crowding the pan will inhibit your veggies from getting properly crisped

*roast for about 30 minutes or more, depending on your oven, how much cauliflower you’re using, and the baking dish. stir after 15 minutes. you want your cauliflower to be golden, slightly crisp in places, and tender

this is delicious with everything. make it, share it, and be happy :)

Edvin with a giant! photo by Asher